Collective Phoenix has been at the forefront of innovation and exceptional service in weight reduction supplements, anti-ageing treatments and bodycare.  The quest to be apart of new ground breaking natural care ingredients and products, and in capturing products and treatment methodology within the beauty market, especially those resulting from plant extracts aiming to provide results. Manufactured and packed by certified ISC and ATG 

Collective Phoenix is founded upon a mission statement of sustainability, and pride itself in being able to find weight management, beauty and skincare products extracted directly from Mother nature's own building blocks that are nutrition packed, and supportive of whole body balance. Proudly sourced products manufactured in Australasia and New Zealand, such as Kowhai extract and Harakeke -flax, traditionally been used for their cleansing and soothing properties and anti-inflammatory, hydration benefits, local and imported ingredients and products, such as, harvested Aloe vera grown and processed in Queensland and other therapeutic natural essence derived from plants, grown in Tasmania and other parts of the world.

The belief in sustainable development and understanding its one of the most promising drivers of innovation and its call for new solution, new raw material, new chemistry and new process technique, for high quality, purity, high standard in processing, and proper dosage, quality of ingestive and, skincare and other, is assured to please valued clients. The high quality and standard in products, aim to produce results, and, give clients value for money.