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Body Matrix Foam



BODY MATRIX - with every use, expect not only to wash your body head to toe, also moisturise, cleanse, breakdown trapped toxins and reduce cellulite. 
The 8 in1 Body Matrix foam is more than a sponge, it is a luxury product which makes showering more than a shower but a pleasureable and relaxing spa feeling and experience. 

*While you are washing your body all over with just the one matrix with its built in 8 in 1 exfoliating sea salts, and lux flakes, you also help reduce cellulite, pimples, and release trapped toxins within the upper skin surface. Breakdown and reduce fat cells, while leaving your skin smooth, moisturised, soft, cleansed and washed all over.
Look & Feel Fabulous with the one and only 8 in 1 Body Matrix foam.

. Reduce the look of cellulite

. Reduce dimpling

. Breakdown trapped fat within fat pockets

. Remove trapped toxins

. Remove excess fluid

. Exfoliate, leaving softer, smoother skin

. Prevent cellulite pocket formation

*Use while bathing and or showering, and firmly press against skin and all over effected areas using a circular motion. The microcirculation forces trapped fat pockets to release built up toxins. Its active ingredients, penetrate deep beneath the skin surface releasing trapped toxins and excess fluids. Thus dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and dry skin.

Each specifically selected and extracted botanical from Mother nature's building blocks, leaves skin softer, smoother, cellulite and dimple free.
DIRECTIONS: Wet to foam using circular motion, firmly rub all over upper arms, buttocks and thighs. Use the reverse side of the foam on delicate areas: face, neck and other parts of the body as a body wash. Rinse off body soap and towel dry.

*RECOMMEND: Renew the Body Matrix each month for top up as *REGULAR USE helps prevent further cellulite pockets 
Meet your new best friend! BODY MATRIX