Is an excellent adjunct for weight loss. Helps reduce 

. Appetite

. Sugar craving 

. Cellulite 

. Stubborn, hard to shift fat stores

. Clothing size in 21 days
The ACTIVE SLlM plus+ weight loss supplement with its powerul Citrus Bioflavonoids makes reducing kilos, burning stored fat pockets and getting you to your desired weight loss goal with ease. This weight loss supplement is the ultimate KEY in reaching your sustainable weight loss goal.
  • Reset metabolism

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss fast 

Take Your Power and Control Back over cravings and bad food choice and;

Reduce Weight, Appetite, Sugar and Carb Cravings  







Whether you're a man or a women,  struggling  weight with weight loss, this is your weight loss KEY!

If you have an health concern, and on medication can make losing weight a problem however with ACTIVE SLIM plus+ you'll be able to reduce weight without having to worry about these clashing. One is busy doing what it is supposed to do, while the other is busy doing its work, the two shall not interfere in each other performance.
These are factors for weight gain and making weight loss either impossible or very difficult. If you are taking or going through,
. Anti depressant pills
. On set of age
. Hormone imbalance
. Menopause
. Andropause (men)
. Stress
. Comfort eating
. Anxiety
. Pepression
. Drinking alcohol 
. Night shift work
. Contraceptives
. Meds for endimetriosis
. Hypothyroidism
. Lack of movement and or exercise
. Uncontrollable eating
All of the above may be what you're currently experiencing. If so, do not  worry, ACTIVE SLIM plus+ weight loss supplement will give you all you need to make progress toward weight loss with ease, and successfully help you obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Money Back Guarantee, if you do not lose weight within the first week.

ACTIVE SLlM plus+ is an excellent choice as your DAILY DEFENCE to looking and feeling fabulous!


*Note: if weight loss slows down after the first week, don't panic! This just means, the ' fat is being used up as energy from the stored fat stores from your liver first.  You are The liver will need to use up what has been stored there first as energy, detox and reset. Then fat stores will be used up as energy from other parts of your body.

*Note: It is common to feel suboptimal in the first few days of using any weight management supplement. This is due to,  reduced intake of carbs, sugars, caffeinatedbeverages, soft drink of any sort and unrefined fats.

Give time and opportunity for body and mind  to re-adjust, re-programme and reset.

This new you and the new way of now selecting healthier food options and consuming water to maintain full hydration with the added pink salt, lemon and ginger,  keeping your electrolyte levels up, fully hydrating your cells, brain and organs, and detoxify your liver and blood sugar levels is a shock to the system.

You'll feel excellent once this initial adaptation phase passes

Be patient and understand, your body is experiencing major withdrawals from your previous  bad eating habits. The body, mind and ego is adjusting to the new you.

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss with ease
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Lose up to or more, 4-6kg in 2 weeks
  • Optimise body circulation for weight loss
  • Delivering more weight loss than exercise alone
  • Reduce emotional eating 
  • Elimanate the feeling of deprivation and frustration
  • Take full control over what you eat/FREE choice
  • Spoil yourself once a week 
Did You Know?
Hormone deficiency causes weight gain, slow down metabolic rate and stores fat around the tummy, thighs and arms.
.Hormone imbalance may cause tummy fat
. Increase appetite
. Sugar and carb craving
If you fall into any of these categories, and are struggling with extra belly fat, this may indicate, one or more of the following hormonal imbalance;
. High estrogen
. Low testosterone,
. Low DHEA 

Take back  Your POWER and CONTROL!

Prevent Weight Loss Sabotage

. Lose weight

. Reduce appetite

. Sugar and Carb  cravings 

. Reduce cellulite 


C. aurantium L.
Part Of The Citrus Bioflavonoids group in ACTIVE SLIM plus ➕️  weight loss supplement family.
Contains the compound synephrine from Citrus aurantium L. a powerful fat burner, appetite suppressant and a metabolic rate booster.
Scientific studies indicate C. aurantium L. encourages effective weight loss by releasing stored fat for energy production without stimulating the central nervous system. The extract from the C. aurantium L. is rich in vitamins and minerals to facilitate weight loss. 
  • Increases metabolism and calorie expenditure
  • Promotes weight loss and accelerates removal of unwanted fat stores
  • Increases energy and physical performance
  • Works as an appetite suppressant
  • Calms nerves

Studies have reported 1000mg and below a day is a safe dose to increase weight Loss, fat brakedown and support basal metabolic rate.
Citrus Bioflavonoids believed by the traditional Basque medicine to;
  • Fat bunner


Your self managed care consists of keeping your body fully hydrated throug  the day. This is strongly recommended. This will improve your health and benefit your dehydrated body from years of neglect. Not your fault, previously you simply were not informed and empowered of the importance of blend 3.

The 3 Blend Water;

Consists of, a glass of water with half a squeezed lemon or a whole lime, a good pinch of pink salt and grated fresh ginger. Have this first thing up on waking. 

Carry a personal water bottle with you everywhere you go with the same blend. If at work, top your bottle up when half full at least 3x by the time you get back home.

DO NOT WORRY: This blend of water will not make you rush to the bathroom constantly, however you would have experienced this while drinking just plain water.

 A worthwhile addition to your dietary habit, especially if your goal is fat loss.

PLease note, if you consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis the speed of fat burning effect would be less sufficient, therefore while keeping realistic expectations, cut back on all caffeinated beverages and, drink a glass of 3 Blend Water every hour to support faster weight loss and to hydrate the body’s  circulatory system naturally.
. Stimulates fat oxidation
. Deliver controlled sustained enegy support to help burn fat naturally
 .Appetite suppression
. Cut down sugar and carb cravings
. Boosts metabolic rate 4% without increasing heart rate
Effectively raise metabolism for weight loss
Use 3 blend water as its a super antioxidant and  regulate blood sugar levels and an potent immune system regulator
. Kidney & Liver function support
. Reduce toxins
. Reduce weight  
. Help boost metabolic rate
. Help burn fat pockets around the body
. Reduce appetite 
. Assist liver detoxification

. Promotes healthy Liver functions

Studies show the body turns fat into energy
Fatty tissues are able to form!
. Detoxification
. High fiber
. Reduce anxiety & stress
. Promote healthy liver function
. Support weight loss
. carbohydrate and fats turn in to energy
An adaptogen: The body can not do all the work effectively on its own. If you some way do not assist your body so it can help you, it requires help to adapt to stress of various kinds: exertion, work stress and emotional eating.
The 3 Blend Water, hydrates cells,  pprovides nergy boost, lowers blood sugar levels,  rreducs stress, detoxifys the liver, clears morning brain fog and keeps you looking younger.
. May stimulate physical and mental activity among weak and tired
. Supports immunity
. May stimulates endocrine gland
. May adapt hormone levels
. Support psychological stress
. Stimulate mind
. Improve mood
. May act as an aphrodisiac
. Improve cognitive function
. May protect toxic exposure
. May increase well being
. May improves physical performance/ Vigor

. Reduce fatigue by activating stored fat
. An potential anti inflammation compound due to omega 9 fatty acid composition
. Reduce fat storage
. Contains ability to suppress hunger
. Enhance stamina and may benefit focus and concentration
. A ghrelin-inhibiting weight loss aid
Additional Information

Note: if weight loss slows down after the first week, don't panic! This means, the ' fat ' is coming OFF, of your fat stores.
 Rebooting your metabolic rate is a very important factor in slimming. If you are suffering from 'metabolic syndrome'  normally strikes as we hit our mid 30's, one may start to become obese, and may develop type II diabetes.

To Note: It is common to feel suboptimal in the first few days of using any weight management supplement, due to reduced intake of, carbs, sugar, caffine, soft drink and fat.  Give your body and mind a little time to re-adjust, re-programme and reset. However, most people feel excellent once this initial adaptation phase passes. Be patient for a few days, your body is experiencing
major withdrawal and, a positive healthy change!
Adaptation: your new found change in low-carb, low sugar eating pattern will take you through an adaptation phase, as your body is now getting used to burning fat, instead of carbs and sugars. Be patient fow a few days, give your body a chace to catch up. This is called the “low-carb flu” and is usually, over within days. Once this initial phase is over, many report to having more energy than ever before, with no
'afternoon dips' in energy, ( usually is very common with, high-carb and bad eating habits)

* A POSITIVE NOTE: Scientific studies indicate, the lowering of carbs help reduce appetite, help one eat less calories -help lose weight pretty much effortlessly. Low-carb diets also have many other benefits: lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides, raise HDL 'the good ' and improve the pattern of LDL 'the bad' cholesterol.
Also when one starts to eating less, the body enters into ketosis; supplying energy to the brain via 'ketone bodies' as this reduces appetite and results in automatic weight loss.
*A low-carb diet isn’t just about weight loss, it's also to improve health. Eating unprocessed foods, and instead consumin meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, full-fat dairy products and drinking at least
Keep your body fully hydrated throughout the day from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed with a blend of half a lemon or a whole lime, pink salt and grated fresh ginger added to a tall glass of water, (water alone, can not hydrate your body and will continuously rush you to the bathroom because the water  alone  is unable to enter cells alone, water requires vitamins and minerals to help carry it directly in to cells and your whole body circulatory system. The Pink Salt has 78 minerals and trace minerals, lemon has vitamins and so has the ginger.
Coconut water, when possible is also beneficial for the body.
Eventually this will become a subconcious choice and something you can not live without.

Low carb diets greatly reduce blood levels of insulin, a hormone that brings the glucose (from the carbs) into cells.
One of the functions of insulin is to store fat. Many experts believe that the reason low carb way works so well, is because as the hormone is reduced allows the kidney to no longer hoard sodium.
For this reason, eating high carb foods cause excess water retention.  

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