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Active Fitness Band

Active Fitness Bands are used for workouts anywhere, any place, and anytime. No matter your size or physical activity level. Everyone has similar muscles, therefore the band will suit all body types and size.

Workout using the latest resistance Active Fitness Band 

Look no further! If you are looking to firm up your arms, buttocks, back and thighs and improve your physical activity level, without leaving your living room or seat, you need this.



Need basic fitness inspiration? 

While we aren't all genetically blessed, and our job doesn't require us to be in supreme condition year round, us mere mortals have our own fitness secret. There’s no hiding the fact that most of us need to works out a lot.

Active Fitness Bands are used for workouts. Anywhere, any place, and any time. No matter your size or physical activity level. We all have similar muscles therefore this fitness band suits all body types and sizes.

Looking for a fitness inspiration? Active Fitness Band is all you need to tone, reduce size and build strength.

The Active Fitness Band is ideal for,


The emphasis is to be able to do simple but effective exercise motions all year round any where, any time in the comfort of your own space, while sitting on the couch, during TV commercials and lying in bed. Anytime, is a great time. Integrate this easy Resistance Band into your life.
Rule One:

Be open minded wellness trends

2. Keep up your fitness routine even when you’re traveling, sitting on your coach watching TV. Complete 10 over head pull during commercial breaks
3. Ease into a fitness routine with short bursts of activity

No one is always motivated, just do this easy resistance band workout regularly. Afterward you'll feel so great and positive. Just start somewhere. Just do as many as you can. Say to yourself, during every commercial break, l will exercise my legs and arms.

Resistance ACTIVE FITNESS BANDS are a workout essential piece if you seriously wish to strengthen your arms, upper and lower body. Although they're top notch as you don't need to buy memberships to a gym or leave your living room.


The most appropriate resistance and elasticity for achieving toned arms, butt and legs

Active Fitness Band Resistances:

Building a strong lower body is important 

This area is a home to some of your largest muscles your hamstrings, adductors and quadriceps, to name a few which stabilise your entire body in day-to-day activities.

Moves such 



Invest in a resistance Active Fitness Band 

They are no longer just an accessory for physical therapy.

Resistance Active Fitness Band are a great tool for providing resistance through the full range of motion of an exercise, as well as helping to activate key stabiliser muscles.

Active Fitness Band Resistance for 
9 exercises for a stronger butt,arms & thighs

1. Side Shuffle

a. Double up the resistance band and tie around your legs just above your knees or ankles. Keep your feet wide enough that you can feel the burn

b. Lower your bum towards the ground into a squat position. Then step sideways four or five times and repeat the other way. Feel the burn.

2. Standing Lateral Leg Raise

a. With your hands on your hips and feet hip-width apart, loop the resistance band around your ankles.

b. Pause, then lift your right leg as high as you can out to the back. Repeat on the other side.

3. Standing Kick Back

a. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, abs drawn in and hands on your hips. Loop the resistance band around your ankles.

b. Slowly kick your leg to the side as far you can before returning to the start position. Repeat on both sides to ensure an even workout.

4. Monster Walks

a. Loop the resistance band around your ankles. Crouch into a squat position, keeping your back upright.

b. Clasping your hands together, walk forward one foot at a time in a strong and stable manner.

5. Squat with Band

a. Standing with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, ensure your hips are over your knees and knees over ankles. Your spine should be neutral and shoulders relaxed down. Loop the resistance band around your thighs.

b. Moving hips back, lower into a squat. Keep chest and shoulders upright. Go as deep as is comfortable. Hold for a few seconds, return to start.

6. Side-lying Clams

a. Start by laying down on the ground on your side. Pop your head onto the arm thats on the ground. Place a resistence band around your knees. Start by moving your hips up to a 45-degree angle and your knees to a 90-degree angle.

b. Push your knee away from your core but keep your feet pressed together.

c. Pause when you get to the top of the move, clenching your glutes and ab muscles, and return to the ground. Repeat.

7. Upwards Glute Bridge Pulses

a. Lie flat on the floor with your legs bent and a resistance band around your knees.

b. Drive through your heels to push your hips upwards as far as you can go. Pulse your hips down and up whilst engaging your core muscles.

8. Side-lying Leg Raise

a. Lie on your side with one leg on top of the other. Bend at your hips so your legs and torso form a slight angle. Loop the resistance band around your ankles.

b. Raise your left leg, make 30 circles clockwise and anti-clockwise. Swap legs.

9. Lateral Glute Bridge Pulses

a. Lie flat on the floor with your legs bent and a resistance band around your knees.

b. Drive through your heels to push your hips upwards as far as you can go. Pulse your hips knees out and back in again whilst engaging your glutes and core muscles. 

Whether you're looking forward to rocking toned arms, thighs, buttocks or the new halter in your closet, you're going to want your arms to be toned. When it comes to a strong, sculpted upper body, focusing your training on your shoulders will give you the best look physically and aesthetically.

Made up of four distinct muscles the anterior deltoid, medial deltoid, posterior deltoid, and trapezius the shoulders are the most mobile, 'do it all' joints in the entire human body, says Mike T. Nelson, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and adjunct professor of human performance at Carrick Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. In fact, says Nelson, your shoulders are actually less a joint and more a 'symphony of tissues. As one of the most muscular and metabolically active areas in your upper body, they have the biggest impact on your overall exercise performance and metabolic rate.

Improved fitness performance and set of sleek shoulders completely reshapes and defines your entire upper half, improving your posture, chiseling your arms (because the moves inherently recruit other muscles like your biceps and triceps) and making you look toned and feel strong. It flips a little switch in a lot of women. We stand a little taller, walk a little prouder, carry ourselves with a bit more oomph!


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